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24/11Level 6, Zamani st, Before Beheshti st,Sohrevardi Shomali

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تماس باشماره وایبر61410070490+و یا اسکایپ admin.visayab یا Visayab Migration Agency از ۳:۳۰ صبح تا ۱۱:۳۰ صبح ایران روزهای دوشنبه تا جمعه

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 If interested to migrate to Australia through skilled migration scheme and need further information, you can listen to the following interviews (spoken in Farsi) of Dr Ahmadi with Radio Neshat. Different subclasses of skilled visas are explained in each relevant interview

Skilled Independent visa-Subclass 189

Skilled Nominated Visa-Subclass 190

Skilled Regional Provisional Visa- Subclass 489 


Following our previous post, in which NSW's guidelines for 2015 state sponsorship were provided, we are pleased to inform you that NSW has now released its new occupation lists for both subclass 190 and 489 visas for 2015.
In brief these are the new changes to the new lists 
Accountants and several IT related occupations have been added to while Geologist and University lecturers have been removed from the list.
We wish all applicant for NSW sponsorship our best are happy to assist you when and where needed.


If you are in Australia and interested to apply for your parent to stay with you. listen to the following link. It is a Radio Neshat interview with Dr. Ahmadi about all types of Parent visa

Listen here 


If you are interested to get more information about Marriage and Fiancé(e) visa listen to the following link

Listen here

Video Links

             Dr. Ahmadi interviewd with Iran & Irani  TV program             

             Australia skilled visa on                                

Australia Business visa info on      

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