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:Office in Sydney 

Suite 10&11,Level 3, 48 George St,Parramatta,NSW,2150,Australia

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 :Office in Tehran

24/11Level 6, Zamani st, Before Beheshti st,Sohrevardi Shomali

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تماس مستقیم از تهران به دفتر سیدنی با  شماره88174991 و یا Skype ID: admin.visayab بدون هزینه تماس خارج از کشور از ۳:۳۰ صبح تا ۱۱:۳۰ صبح ایران روزهای دوشنبه تا جمعه

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به اگاهی دوستانی که جهت حضور در سمینار امروز ما در فرهنگسرای نیاوران تهران نام نویسی کرده اند میرساند که سمینار راس ساعت ۲ بعد از ظهر برگزار میشود. لذا لطفآ حد اکثر تا ساعت ۱:۳۰ بعد از ظهر برای ورود به سالن تشریف بیاورید.
به دلیل تکمیل ظرفیت سالن سمینار، متاسفانه به دوستانی که نام نویسی نکرده اند اجازه ورود داده  نخواهد شد.
قبلا از همکاری همه شما عزیزان سپاسگزاریم.
تیم ویزایاب


We would like to inform you that Visayab Migration Services will hold a seminar on

" How to get Australia and Newzealand skill and business visas".

This seminar will be held on 21th of May 2015 in Tehran-Iran 

The Seminar is free of charge, however, due to the limited number of seats available at the venue,  only those who have registered with us will be allowed in. For more information & registration please call our Tehran office on 88758851 or send us an email to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Looking forward to seeing you
thereVisayab team


Dear Friends,Please subscribed our YouTube channel and Facebook to get an updated information about all visa categories




 If interested to migrate to Australia through skilled migration scheme and need further information, you can listen to the following interviews (spoken in Farsi) of Dr Ahmadi with Radio Neshat. Different subclasses of skilled visas are explained in each relevant interview

Skilled Independent visa-Subclass 189

Skilled Nominated Visa-Subclass 190

Skilled Regional Provisional Visa- Subclass 489 


Following our previous post, in which NSW's guidelines for 2015 state sponsorship were provided, we are pleased to inform you that NSW has now released its new occupation lists for both subclass 190 and 489 visas for 2015.
In brief these are the new changes to the new lists 
Accountants and several IT related occupations have been added to while Geologist and University lecturers have been removed from the list.
We wish all applicant for NSW sponsorship our best are happy to assist you when and where needed.

Video Links

             Dr. Ahmadi interviewd with Iran & Irani  TV program             

             Australia skilled visa on                                

Australia Business visa info on      

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